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Architectural Precast Cladding

Architectural precast concrete cladding is a unique solution: it allows architects to create components in a way that is not possible with any other material. 



Stresslite precast cladding units combine structural strength and low porosity, with a versatile, high-quality finish. As such, our solution can offer a huge range of creative options.

Stresslite can provide units in various shapes, textures and colours to meet a client’s specific needs. We can also design the units to suit both structural and non-structural requirements.

Our precast concrete units are long-lasting, highly durable, energy-efficient and of high quality.

At every stage of manufacture, the product is inspected in line with the independently-certified quality system that Stresslite follows for all of our projects.

Precast units are highly economical to produce and erect. Combined with our efficient manufacturing techniques, we can provide economies of scale that enable substantial cost savings.

We recommend that we work together from an early design stage to maximize the advantages and benefits of precast cladding and to ensure the most cost-effective solution to meet your needs

Our Engineering dept can provide unique solutions to your individual site requirements.


We offer:

  • A full structural design service
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Short delivery and installation time
  • Bespoke panels to suit all situations
  • All units manufactured in our ISO 9002 approved plant



Grangegorman: Stresslite Architectural precast cladding used for public outdoor seating Stresslite Architectural precast cladding provides high quality smooth and long-lasting finish Stresslite Architectural precast cladding as a clean, smooth base for public seating.

Stresslite Architectural precast cladding after installation in the Grangegorman college campus in Dublin, Ireland. Architectural precast cladding by Stresslite Architectural precast cladding by Stresslite during installation.

Stresslite Architectural Precast Cladding used as a smooth, clean wall cap Architectural precast cladding by Stresslite. Stone-faced precast panels being prepared for installation on-site

Stone-faced precast panels being hoisted into placeArchitectural precast cladding by Stresslite - Sea wall cladding being installedArchitectural precast cladding by Stresslite

Architectural precast cladding by Stresslite Architectural precast cladding by StressliteSea wall cladded panels after installation

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