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Bespoke Precast Concrete Products

Stresslite has the capacityexperience and flexibility to address your specificbespoke requirements. Our nimble business is organised to work quickly and effectively with you on products that meet your specific needs, backed up by our production capabilities in Ireland.  


We design, manufacture and install bespoke precast concrete items in line with each client's specification and deadlines.  


Stresslite precast concrete products completed in our facility



Our experienced design team can offer effective solutions for your project.  We use cutting-edge, in-house design systems tailored for precast concrete product design.  We can cover all steps in the design process, including production of all structural calculations.  We can also offer a comprehensive CAD and Technical Advisory Service.  Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we can offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.  



Stresslite precast concrete bespoke product being loaded onto trailer using our gantry



We are able to manufacture in small batch sizes enabling us to manufacture the exact precast product needed by you at the time you need it.  

This is made possible by the resources we have at our disposal:

  • Our site in Wicklow, Ireland contains both our quarry and our production facility.  It is an hour away from the major ferry routes to the UK. 
  • Our 3000m2 production hall includes a number of gantries with a maximum capacity of 30 tonnes. 
  • We also have an automated concrete mixing facility on-site with capacity of 100m3/hour. 
  • This is all backed up with a quarry that has been open since the 1930's and still contains reserves of 20m tonnes of rock. 

With these facilities and our expertise, we have the capacity, the capability and the creativity to deliver.

Stresslite precast concrete have installation crews who can install bespoke precast concrete products on-site


We also have fully qualified installation crews. An installation service can be provided on-site if required.  This service is available for all precast products.







Whatever you need, whenever you need, we will deliver.  Contact us today. 



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Hempstown, Blessington, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 
Phone: (0203) 1433 032