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Precast Concrete Box Culverts

Stresslite precast concrete box culverts come in many sizes and are designed to take various loadings based on site requirements.


Box culverts provide high flow capacities even where the gradient is low or headroom is restricted.  Stresslite's box culvert products are designed to cater for a wide range of external loading conditions from shallow to deep fill. We hold all standard sizes in stockOur box culverts are quick and easy to install.



Stresslite is ISO 9001 accredited so you can be confident of a high quality, long-lasting product.



  • Stream Culverts
  • Road Culverts.
  • Underpasses
  • Pump Chambers
  • They are also frequently used for culverting roads, storm and foul sewers, sea outfalls, tunnels and subways, underpasses, stream crossings, and vertical chambers.  
  • In addition they can be used as tanks for attenuation of storm, foul or potable water.



  • Designed to BS 8007:1987.

  • Not Mass Produced - The Stresslite culverts are not mass produced, providing a high quality finish that gives a longer life.
  • Tailored to Client Requirements - All of our culverts are produced individually to meet the client's requirements combined with head walls. 
  • Fast Installation - Our culverts are delivered on-site, ready for immediate installation.


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