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Precast Concrete Bridge Decking

Stresslite Precast Concrete Bridge Decking has been used extensively throughout Ireland in the construction of railway and road bridges, and can be used on both steel and precast beams.


Used as permanent shuttering as a a non-participating or participating HA loading on motorway bridges, Stresslite bridge decking has many advantages over other systems such as Omnia decking:

  • The Stresslite Precast Concrete Deck acts as an unproped permanent shutter for both steel and concrete bridges.
  • Each Precast Concrete component produced by Stresslite can be up to 2.4 meters wide, 8 meters long, and from 65mm to 150mm deep.
  • Our Prestressed Decking offers a Speed of Erection far superior to other systems - Up to 500-800m2 per day, depending on site conditions.
  • Reduced Reinforcement - As the Stresslite deck is prestressed it can achieve longer spans without temporary supports.
  • Stresslite bridge decking reduces concrete topping by between 10 - 15%.
  • The Stresslite Bridge Deck provides a better, safer platform than other systems, allowing other trades to gain immediate access to the site.
  • The precast concrete has a lattice girder at various depths projecting from it as a designed sheer connecter (see photo) to various depths of insitu Concrete topping on site.
  • It is chosen by structural engineers because of its good soffit finish and because it is made of high-strength concrete as standard.
  • As it is a permanent shutter it allows all the main reinforcement to be decked out on top with an un-propped support.


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