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Precast Concrete Flooring


The Stresslite Wide Slab is a precast composite floor system installed in 2.4m sections, which can accommodate span up to 12m. Wide slab flooring is fast becoming the preferred choice of precast flooring for both contractors and engineers due to its structural properties and its erection speed.

The Stresslite T-beam system is designed to BS 8110.  The floor system is mainly used on sloped sites or over pile-driven beams. They can be man-handled into position.

The Stresslite block and plank flooring system is computer designed to BS 8110. The floor can be man-handled into position in new and old buildings. The stresslite block and plank system is the consultant’s choice of floor as it is completely composite within the 35 nuton concrete in the topping.

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