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Block & Plank

The Stresslite block and plank flooring system is computer designed to BS 8110. The floor can be man-handled into position in new and old buildings. The stresslite block and plank system is the consultant’s choice of floor as it is completely composite within the 35 nuton concrete in the topping.


The Block and Plank flooring system has a wide range of uses especially in the construction of new and the reconstruction of old dwellings and offices. This system is most suitable for irregular shaped buildings on steel or masonry blockwork as it can be easily cut to suit any given situation.


This flooring system can facilitate underfloor heating and electrical services within the concrete thickness, and additional services can be placed between the battens of the ceiling.


The Stresslite block and plank flooring system can be finished by battening, sheeting and skimming the ceiling.


The Block and Plank floor consists of concrete planks 160mm wide by 65mm high with a projected lattice girder cast into the plank, placed at 550mm centres and infilled with a rebated designed 180mm hollowcore block.


The Stresslite Block and Plank hollowcore flooring system is the consultants choice of floor as it is completely composite with a 35N concrete topping. This Block and Plank system has the same benefits as the Stresslite Wideslab floor with the same structural ties within the floor thickness.



  • Quick and Simple Installation.
  • Suitable for new and old buildings
  • Can be placed on 4" (100mm) walls.
  • No crane required.
  • Cost Savings.
  • Consultant's choice 

Stresslite Precast Concrete Block and Plank Flooring - Typical section



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