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T-Beam Flooring

The Stresslite T-beam system is designed to BS 8110.  The floor system is mainly used on sloped sites or over pile-driven beams. They can be man-handled into position.


The Stresslite T-Beam Floor comprises of inverted T-shaped pre-stressed floor beams 180mm high. It is produced in standard block form, or optionally as a complete insulated package with polystyrene infill to give a required U-value in conjunction with the architect's overall building requirements. The polystyrene can be designed to the top of the beam or enveloped over the top.


This flooring system offers the contractor quick, simple installation and an instant working platform.  The T-beam can be man-handled into position after it has been placed in bundles on the walls.  And as the blocks are insulated with polystyrene, they can easily be cut with a standard knife to fit around services (e.g. pipes).


The T-Beam floor increases thermal efficiency and allows you to use a range of flooring services, including under-floor heating placed within the 70mm finished concrete topping. 


The new insulated T-beam flooring system offers many benefits over any other precast flooring and in-situ system due to:

  • Quick and Simple Installation.
  • Lighter floor on foundations
  • Reduced wall size - In most cases the beams can be staggered on wall supports thus reducing the wall size from 215mm to 100mm walls (provided there are no large openings in the wall - Stresslite can advise your architect / engineer)
  • No crane required.
  • Thermal Efficiency.
  • Services underneath the floor can be suspended with galvanised or aluminum straps thus eliminating drilling and raw bolting.
  • Better soundproofing - Caters for Airborne and impact Sound.
  • Substantially higher fire rating over timber flooring.
  • Manufactured using recycled polystyrene.


Stresslite Prestressed Concrete T-Beam Flooring from below Stresslite Prestressed Concrete T-Beam Flooring Closeup 2Stresslite Prestressed Concrete T-Beam Flooring from above Stresslite Polystyrene T-Beam Flooring Energy Efficient T-Beam flooring from Stresslite Stresslite T-Beams made from recycled polystyrene Stresslite T-Beams at first floor level Stresslite T-Beams can be used in Reconstruction work Stresslite T-Beam Flooring as part of a reconstruction








Stresslite Precast Concrete T-Beam Flooring - Typical section of concrete infilled version



Stresslite Precast Concrete T-Beam Flooring - Typical section of polystyrene infilled version



Click here to download span table

Click here to see t-beam layout and sections

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