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Wide Slab


The Stresslite Wide Slab is a precast composite floor system installed in 2.4m sections, which can accommodate span up to 12m. Wide slab flooring is fast becoming the preferred choice of precast flooring for both contractors and engineers due to its structural properties and its erection speed.


Stresslite Wide Slab is a highly adaptive and easily erected floor that can be installed quickly on-site. It can meet most structural requirements, and can be adapted to a variety of specific needs. For example, use of long clear spans or larger panels reduces the number of columns or joints needed.


Used as permanent shuttering or decking slab in apartment or office blocks, Stresslite wide slab decking has many advantages:


  • Fast erection - 500 to 700m2 can be fitted per day, depending on the layout.
  • Just-in-time delivery/erection.
  • Allows other trades to get immediate access to the site
  • Longer spans/heavier loadings can be achieved by providing continuity reinforcement.
  • Propping reduced to 4 metres typical mid span.
  • Up to 20% less concrete, reducing self weight to the building.
  • Excellent fire resistance.
  • High quality surface finish.
  • Can incorporate tie and up-stand beams.
  • Allows greater flexibility of layout.
  • Provision for tying requirements of progressive collapse can be easily and economically achieved.
  • Can be used in all types of frame construction, steel, precast or in-situ.

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Stresslite Precast Concrete Wide Slab - Typical section

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