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Reservoir Roofs


Stresslite precast concrete reservoir roofs have been installed in many projects throughout the UK.


Like all of our precast concrete solutions, a Stresslite concrete reservoir roof is completely maintenance free and its life expectancy far exceeds that of alternative solutions. Each unit is computer designed and manufactured to the highest standards to yield a quality product that is unrivalled.


Clients have selected our solution as it safer, quicker, higher quality, and more environmentally friendly than in-situ solutions.



  • Our units arrive on site ready for immediate installation.
  • Reduced time working at height.
  • Significant reduction in risk of accidents.

All work can be carried out from a Cherry Picker or similar item of plant. Where this is not practical, operatives work whilst safely using harnesses.

Result: Site Safety Significantly Improved




With the Stresslite solution, you save time and money.

Our unit arrives on site from our quality-controlled plant ready for erection:

  • No need to install reinforcement.
  • No need to prepare mould.
  • No need to carry out finishing to surfaces when the mould

Result: Site program can be reduced considerably


  • All units delivered to site have been monitored through the production process: From design, manufacture, dispatch and arrival on site
  • Once on site they can be erected by your operatives and our qualified professional installation team.
  • All Stresslite roofs are supported with full calculations and can be designed to accommodate any specific customer requirements.

Result: Consistent Quality Every Time


  • All of our products are manufactured in purpose-made steel moulds => This avoids the waste caused by site manufactured moulds that are then scrapped after one use
  • The concrete used is Ecocem GGBS, resulting in a significantly reduced carbon footprint => The carbon footprint of this material is 29Kg of CO2/Tonne. A significantly lower carbon footprint than OPC Cement, which is 680-820Kg of CO2/Tonne

Result: Significant Environmental Benefits


Early stages of installation Installation of roof panels by crane Installation of concrete roof panels

Final inspection Final product




Tank Roof Sample Drawing Tank Roof Sample Drawing (2)



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