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Waste Water Treatment

Waste water treatment tanks are a speciality of Stresslite Precast Concrete. We have extensive experience designing, manufacturing and installing tanks.

We work with some of the largest building contractors in Ireland to provide cost-effective solutions for water management. Recent projects have ranged from a simple tank for a private client to the “United Utilities” scheme at Sandon Dock in Liverpool, England.

Waste Water Treatment plant in Sandon Docks Liverpool

Our tanks are manufactured off-site, enabling faster installation and needing fewer people on-site.

Our tanks can be designed to accommodate any pipework and equipment associated with customer requirements. Our product is completely maintenance-free, with a life expectancy that far exceeds that of alternative storage facilities. Each unit is computer designed and manufactured to the highest standards to yield a quality product that is unrivalled.

We have also developed a precast system to provide the roof and supporting columns, resulting in a complete solution.

View of waste water tank nearing completion Precast concrete Waste water tank now sealed on-site CSO Chamber Completed clarifier tank


The Stresslite precast concrete tank system is a modular, post-tensioned tank system designed in accordance with BS 8007:1987.

Each tank consists of 2m wide prestressed wall panels which are manufactured to suit diameters up to 40m and heights up to 7.5m. A permanent seal between the units is achieved by patented joints incorporating a double barrier system. All Stresslite Tanks are supported with full calculations. 



  • Cost Effective.
  • High Quality Manufacture.
  • Fast Construction Time.
  • Designed to suit any conditions.
  • High volumes in small spaces.
  • Corrosion and Maintenance free.




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