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Flood Defence & Alleviation

 Stresslite Ltd can provide a cost effective flood defence system that will prevent flood damage. The precast concrete solution is quick to install and long-lasting.


Our precast concrete solution for flood alleviation and flood defence can be adapted to varying site & ground conditions. Our product has been very successful in providing communities throughout the UK with protection from river and coastal flooding.

Our Engineering dept can provide unique solutions to your individual site requirements.


We offer:

  • A full structural design service
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Short delivery and installation time
  • Strong durable panels
  • Tongue & grove edges for easy alignment & sealing
  • Bespoke panels to suit all situations
  • All units manufactured in our ISO 9002 approved plant


Stresslite precast concrete walls also have wide range of other applications including:

  • Flood relief retaining walls.
  • Perimeter walls.
  • Security stone fence walls for commercial properties.
  • Sound barriers.


Flood defence systems for civil, coastal and river.Flood defence PCC wall installation - Plymouth Cavanna Homes - Stresslite precast concrete wallFlood defence wall installation - Plymouth Boston Boatyard - Stresslite precast concrete wall

Stresslite precast concrete walls used as flood relief river retaining wallsStresslite precast concrete walls can also be used as a security barrier

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