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Precast Concrete Walls

 Stresslite has a variety of precast concrete wall panels with widths from 150mm to 200mm depending on design calculation characteristics. Common uses include flood relief, storm defence, security perimeter walls, and boundary walls.


Our wall panels can be used on wall heights of up to 3.5m wide and widths of 6m to 8m.  Our most popular wall is the 180mm thick, 2.4m wide x 6m long wall panel, which is generally placed between girders.


Stresslite Precast Walls have a number of advantages:

  • Designed to BS 8007:1987
  • Factory produced, giving a consistently higher-quality product compared to in-situ
  • Longer lasting.
  • Speed of Erection - up to 200m2 per day.
  • Walls can be designed to be self supporting (retaining) or to integrate with corrugated piled steel, as needed by the client.
  • Consistent fair faced good finish, using local stone or Stresslite quarry stone..
  • Architect feature designs.
  • Walls can be designed to be self supporting (retaining) or to integrate with corrugated piled steel, as needed by the client.

Stresslite also produces a composite wall, with a wide range of applications including:

  • Flood relief retaining walls.
  • Perimeter walls.
  • Boundary Walls
  • Security stone fence wall for commercial properties.
  • Sound barriers.
  • House walls.
  • Hand picked loose stone can also be supplied on pallets.

For more detail on how our precast concrete wall panels are the fastest and most cost-effective solution for boundary, perimeter or security walls, click here to view our presentation


Flood defence PCC wall installation - Plymouth Cavanna Homes - Stresslite precast concrete wallFlood defence wall installation - Plymouth Boston Boatyard - Stresslite precast concrete wallStresslite precast concrete walls used as flood relief river retaining walls


Stresslite precast concrete walls used on multistorey buildingStresslite precast concrete walls used for warehouseStresslite precast concrete walls as a security barrier

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