Stresslite Precast wide slab is a precast floor system in 2.4m sections. Wide slab floors are the preferred choice of both contractors and engineers due to its structural properties with its install speed. Our wide slab floor is highly adaptive, easily erected and responds well to site needs. It can meet most structural requirements and can adapt to a variety of specific needs.

  • The benefits of using Stresslite Precast wide slab include.
  • Fast fitting time.
  • A high-quality surface finish.
  • It can accommodate onerous loading conditions and its structural capabilities allow for cantilevered balconies.
  • It has excellent fire resistance.
  • It can incorporate tie and up-stand beams.
  • Services/opes can easily be incorporated.
  • It can be used in all types of Frame Construction.

For further information on our Floors please contact + (353) 45 891 300 or sales@stresslite.ie

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